Silk Sleep Mask from a Thrift Store Neck Tie

I’m so proud of Sweet Pea! In preparation for a long plane flight, she wanted to make a sleep mask. Because she’s a young lady of exquisite taste and style, she wanted it to be silk. And blue (always blue).

We popped over to the thrift store for a couple of $4 silk ties. She picked two: one patterned and one with flowers. We had some heavy felt and elastic at home already, so we didn’t need to buy much.

To make a mask, she cut a piece of heavy felt just a bit smaller than she wanted the mask to come out. She took a tie apart by pulling all of the seams out and removing the lining and stabilizer from the inside. She cut two pieces of silk from the tie just a bit bigger than the felt.

Placing the pretty sides together with the elastic on the inside and the felt on top, she sewed the mask almost all the way around. She left just enough open to turn it right side out later.

After turning everything pretty-side-out, she sewed up the last little bit and captured just enough of the elastic to make it fit her head.

It’s adorable!

The second tie made another sleep mask so mom could have one too.