Firmware Update for the Weather Station

Now the weather station is a weather forecast display.

Knowing the highest temperature I’ve seen today isn’t the best use of the hi temp needle. I was there, I remember how hot it got. It’s more useful to see the forecast high temp.

There’s new firmware here

The old firmware still works the same. The new one:

  • Displays forecast high temp on the thin hand

  • Updates forecast high once daily at 4am

  • Adjusts all hands at once instead of one at a time

  • Uses instead of OpenWeatherMap

  • Retrieves dew point directly instead of computing it

  • API keys moved to .gitignored a header file so I’m not uploadin’ ‘em to github

  • Better Particle.function() calls to control motors

  • Avoids blocking on long motor moves

It still looks great.