Tae Kwon Do Belt Rack


You may not know this about Danger, but he's a stupendous bad-ass.

He's been studying for about 5 years, and he just earned his 2nd Dan Black Belt.

Now that he doesn't need to wear his 1st degree belt, we made him a place to display all 13 belts from white through black.

It's made out of 1/2" mahogany and has just enough room to store everything he's earned along the way: 12 colored belts, 1 black belt, a sword and 2 sais.

We may add some hooks to the bottom so he can hang some of the medals he's won at tournaments.

We designed it in about an hour, cut it in about an hour, and then spent 2 full days sanding, gluing, and clamping it. The finish is my old stand-by, Maloof Poly-Oil for that in-the-wood shine.