Togepi Bag

Sweetpea is dressing up as Misty for Halloween and she wanted a Togepi bag to hold her candy haul.


It's my first time using a sewing machine, but I think it came out OK.

The bag is just a plain white canvas bag from the craft store. I paid $5.

Togepi's head, feet and hands are plain yellow cotton fabric with some batting stuffed in the hands & feet.

I drew the face using Acorn and printed the parts out on heat transfer paper. The triangles on the shell were supposed to be printed too, but my printer ran out of ink and I wasted my last sheet of transfer paper. We just drew them with markers instead.

To get the bottom of the bag egg-shaped, I had to cut it, which was fine because that gave me a chance to put the hands & feet inside the seam.

This thing will hold at least 5 lbs of candy. It's not perfect by any stretch, but not bad for literally my first sewing machine project ever.