Chef Knife Comfort Hack

The Problem

When I use my awesome cleaver for a long time, my index finger suffers. It's particularly bad when my hands are wet & I'm cutting hard vegetables. 

It's the spine of the knife. It has hard right angles that dig into the base of my index finger as I apply pressure. Maybe I'm the only one who has this problem, but if you have it too, here's an easy solution.

The Fix

You can soften the corners just a little with your knife sharpening kit. I have an Edge Pro Apex 3, but any whetstone will do.

Start with a medium (220) or fine (400) stone and wet it as normal. Gently take a little material off of the corners of the spine where it meets the base of your index finger.

Next, use a very fine (600) stone to smooth out any scratch marks. You could go all the way to 1000 grit to restore the shine if you like.

The Results

It works like a charm. Do yourself a favor and make your tool more comfortable. Mrs. Mojo liked it enough that she asked me to do her knife too.