Witness the Firepower of This Fully Armed and Operational Robo-Do

This was a cool project Danger did for school. The assignment was "Make a robot that does a job."

What would be a problem that barely needs solving? One that a robot could do? I think he hit on the perfect one: "Sometimes I have free time, but I can't decide what to do." To solve it, he built:


Here's Robo-Do. He features

  • cardboard endoskeleton
  • aluminum dermal layer
  • soda can legs
  • flexible arms
  • clear poly screen on his chest
  • push-button nose

And that's Danger's name scrawled across the robot's 'nads. You press a button on Robo-Do's nose and the screen tells you what to do. 

It solves the same problem as the Wheel of Lunch. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of that 15 minutes of coding, so I made this Robo-Do.

It's filled with more than 50 things a 6 and 9-year old can do. Some require a parent ("Go swimming"), but most the kids can do on their own.