Branded Boards

I found this place that will make semi-custom branding irons. As long as you just want a single letter with a bar, circle, rafter, or rocker, they'll make one up for you.

My in-laws have a name that lends itself well to a branding iron, so I ordered a small pile of irons. It didn't seem super-cool to give them an iron stick for Christmas, so I made up some boards to hang them on.  

The wood is the same 3/4" cherry ply I had left over from the Desk and the Standing Desk Converter, but of course, it's branded with the family brand. I heated the iron up over a propane burner and branded all 6 boards. A couple coats of my trusted Maloof oil/poly blend and a black cup hook to hang the iron, and they were ready to go. 

I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out the family name.