Pasta Drying Rack

This might be the simplest build I've done: A place to hang my noodles.


I used a drill, screws, glue, and some sandpaper to assemble a pasta drying rack.

  • 2 ea. 1/2" dowels, 14" long
  • 5 ea. 1/2" dowels, 10" long
  • 2 ea. 3/4" square sticks, 12" long
  • 2 ea. 3/4" square sticks, 5.5" long
  • 1/2" drill bit
  • sandpaper
  • wood glue
  • mineral oil

The top board

Drill holes in one of the 3/4" x 12" sticks. You'll need 7 evenly spaced along one side. Do not drill all the way through; just halfway or a little more. Then drill 2 along an adjacent side so that you're drilling through a new face and into the side of the first and last holes (again, not all the way through). That lets the holes sit so that the drying sticks stick straight out or straight down, depending on how the top is installed.

The bottom board

Drill two holes in the bottom board as far apart as the first and last holes from the top board. These you could drill all the way through or just part way like the 1st ones.

The feet

Use screws to attach the short 3/4" boards to the bottom side of the bottom board (opposite where you drilled the holes. they should be loose enough that they'll swivel.

Glue it

Put the 10" dowels in each of the 5 holes and glue them there. Glue the longer dowels into the bottom board but not into the top board

I like this bit: since you didn't glue the top in place, you can take it off and put it back on with the sticks facing straight down. Fold the feet in and it lays flat.

Sand it

Sand everything until it's silky smooth, then get all of the sawdust off.

Oil it

Liberally bathe the thing in multiple coats of mineral oil. Try to get the wood so soaked with oil that it won't absorb any food, but not so soaked that when you try to pick it up, it shoots out of your hand. If you put a piece of junk mail on it for a second, it shouldn't oil up the paper, but if you leave it there a few minutes it should.